29 recommended facial care devices that are popular and easy to use at home

29 recommended facial care devices that are popular and easy to use at home

The facial equipment is a perfect item for those who have skin problems such as pores and skin tension. There are various types, such as EMS facial equipment that can lift care and facial rollers that loosen the face and body.

Since the characteristics differ greatly depending on the type and product, it is important to choose according to your skin concerns. Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended items for facial equipment along with how to choose them.

What are the effects of using facial equipment?

A facial massager is a convenient item that allows you to take full-fledged skin care at home without going to an expensive beauty salon or beauty clinic. In addition to pore care and moisturizing effects, it can be expected to remove dirt from the skin and keep it clean, so it can be used for cleansing depending on the model.

It is also characterized by the fact that it can be expected to have beautiful skin effects and anti-aging effects due to moderate stimulation to the skin.

How to choose a facial device

Check the types and features of facial equipment

There are various types of facial equipment such as steamers, ultrasonic waves, and iontophoresis types. Therefore, it is important to check the expected effects and features in advance. Choose the right product for your skin concerns.

For those who want to use it for multiple purposes, we recommend a facial device that has multiple functions in one unit. Approach various skin troubles. There is no need to arrange products for different purposes, so it is also an advantage that it does not take up space.

EMS facial equipment

Recommended parts: Face line, mouth, etc.

EMS facial equipment is characterized by stimulating facial muscles by applying weak electricity to muscles. The advantage is that you can create a state close to muscle exercise. Suitable for those who are concerned about swelling.

It is recommended to use it on the face line and mouth as it stimulates the part where the facial device is in contact with pinpoint. You can concentrate on one part.

RF facial equipment

Recommended areas: Face line, eyes, mouth, etc.

RF facial equipment is characterized by sending electromagnetic waves called radio waves to the skin. By generating Joule heat, you can expect the effect of giving skin firmness.

The point is that it is less irritating than EMS facial equipment. It can be used not only on the face line and lips, but also on delicate areas such as the eyes. Recommended for those who want to use it in various places regardless of the part.

facial roller

Recommended areas: face line, eyes, neck, décolletage, body, etc.

A facial roller is a facial device that you use by rolling a roller over your face. Recommended for use on the face line and around the eyes. There are products that can be used on the decollete and the entire body, so it is important to choose the one that suits the part you want to use. Also, by choosing a product with waterproof performance, you can use it in the bath.

If you want to increase the effect on your skin, check out products that generate a weak microcurrent.

ultrasonic facial massager

Recommended areas: nostrils, eyebrows, chin, etc.

Ultrasonic facial equipment is a facial equipment that uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate the skin. Mainly deep cleansing and lift care can be done.

Water peeling has the advantage of being able to care for dirt in pores using water and ultrasonic waves. Recommended for use around the nose, between the eyebrows, and on the chin. It is also suitable for those who are concerned about dirt in their pores.